City Treasurer Starved K-9 Police Dogs Because Feeding Them Would Cost Too Much

Police dogs are not just an ordinary pooch, they need special food in order to be physically fit for their daily duties. But a Municipal Treasurer in Silao Mexico thought feeding police dogs cost too much and removed their special menu, leaving the poor dogs flesh and bone.
Municipal treasurer Rodolfo Guerrero Duran is responsible for starving a K-9 unit.

According to him, his action is based on the current budget of the city, which means they can’t pay for such expensive food.
This is how a healthy K-9 dog should look like…

However, the images below suggest that the K-9s have not been fed for weeks.

The dogs’ current state is truly alarming, their bodies are almost bones and are barely able to walk by themselves.

This unacceptable and disgraceful treatment on the K-9 unit led to a petition to relieve and punish the city treasurer for starving the police dogs.
According to Daily Petition:
It is our firm belief that cutting funds for the K-9 units is completely unacceptable and a total disgrace. We, the undersigned, urge the authorities to re-evaluate this measure and start feeding the dogs as soon as possible, in addition to relieving Mr. Duran from office. We stand firm that such people should not be in the service of the community in any circumstances. The canines have done nothing but a wonderful job protecting the local administration and the people of Silao, keeping everyone safe and out of harm’s way. I reckon they deserve a little more respect than this! Please take urgent action for the dogs from Silao. They need our help more than ever. It is imperative they receive proper food before they do not collapse and die!

4 Comments on "City Treasurer Starved K-9 Police Dogs Because Feeding Them Would Cost Too Much"

  1. This is beyond disgusting behaviour towards loving innocent animals. Please make sure justice is served to the maximum. The person responsible for this crime is a MONSTER and should starve to death so he can share whst it feels like to starve to death. Terrible man. Punish him.

  2. He needs to be placed in a cell on nothing but bread and water. When he looses all that fat he has a d id skin and bones then he can feel what those poor K9 officers felt. How could this happen is everyone there blind?

  3. My gosh! Could he not have fostered them out?! He thought starving was ok?! He cant think for himself? Its time to fire him. He made idiotic decisions and the result is awful. He continued making inhumane decisions for weeks. This whole situation is ridiculous. Fire him.

  4. Where was the officers that served with the dogs. I would have fed my dog myself.!!! Never would I let my dog get like that. Yes that man is extremely overweight and starving those dogs is a crime he needs to pay for. Put his fat butt in jail with burnt toast and water.

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