Dan Bilzerian Keeps the Nation Safe From Drones

Dan Bilzerian is known to be a professional poker player. He is also one of the most famous public figures on Instagram with around 22 million followers, his luxurious lifestyle with guns, fancy hotels.

Yachts and his cute pets has made a lot of people curious, aaand one of things he is most famous about, guns and girls, or both combined, however he feels like it.

This video is a perfect example of that. He and his crew, and several vehicles are at a shooting range where we see him shooting several drones himself without a problem with a dozen of girls watching him, then he gives them the firearms and, they’re not bad at it either actually.

What do you guys think about Dan Bilzerian and his lifestyle, would you want to be in his place or are you better off with a simple life? Share your thoughts with us!

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