Suppressor Meltdown! 700 round burst through an M249 SAW!

Say you’re bored at the office one day and you decide, hey, let’s make a video where we fire 700 rounds at once through a machine gun with a suppressor and see what happens. You’re really curious to see what red, hot and melted metal looks like.

That’s probably the exact thought process behind this West Coast Armory video.

They used a Silencerco SWR can and fired 700 rounds through the fully automatic M249 SAW, according to the video’s caption. Between 350 and 400 rounds shot out of the M249, before the can melted. Which will happen to just about anything if you shoot through it non-stop. “The gun itself ran wonderful and had no problems,” West Coast Armory wrote. “The only problem we had afterwards was someone was going to have to clean it.”

This is a great video to kick start your day, and as it is always said “happiness is a warm barrel”.

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